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Olympoion Asty

On a beautiful hill just about a kilometer from the village of Ancient Olympia we find the Olympion Asti Hotel.
We got our first positive impression when we arrived there after the staff hurried to welcome us at the entrance of the reception. The Olympion city consists of different areas with ground floor houses. Immediately after the check in, the staff hurries to show us the space and lead the visitor's belongings to the room. Both the quiet environment of the hotel, its location and the nature that surrounds it are there to guarantee a relaxed and calm stay. The restaurant of the hotel where the meal is served and breakfast is located next to the hotel pool in a harmonious environment with the main factor being the earthy colors that tie in with nature. The served meal that we had the opportunity to enjoy consisted of traditional recipes of Greek cuisine with excellent flavors. The rooms are quite spacious, clean and offer a wonderful view full of green capable of keeping you on the balcony of the room for a long time.
The excellent behavior of the staff and the calm environment are what won us over in this hotel.

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