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Poseidonio Hotel Tinos

The Poseidon Hotel in Tinos has now become our favorite choice. Initially, the location of the hotel is ideal since the Poseidon is located in the country of Tinos in the port of the island. So you can enjoy the view of the sea while literally under the hotel you will find everything whether you want shops to do your shopping or restaurants but even offices for issuing ferry tickets and banks. Also within 5 minutes walk is the Church of Panagia Tinos and even closer is the main market. The hotel is characterized by a friendly environment for the visitor while the staff is always willing to serve you. The rooms are in very good condition which makes the hotel stand out from the rest of Tinos since many of them need renovation, while it is worth noting that the visitor will easily understand that the staff gives a great basis to cleanliness. In conclusion, if you visit the island due to religious tourism and not only Poseidon, it is definitely a guaranteed choice.

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