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Flisvos Hotels

At a distance of only 10 km from Nafplio we meet the settlement of Tolo. There we can find the Flisvos Hotel and Flisvos Royal. These are essentially two different hotels that share the same philosophy. First of all, it is worth mentioning the area of Tolo which is closed by many shops of tourist interest, hotels and a large beach while it should be mentioned that from Tolo start the boats destined for the beautiful islands that listen to the name Hydra and Spetses. As for the hotels on the sea side, we find the Flisvos hotel which is literally built in front of the sea with the wave wetting the glass of the restaurant. Just opposite the visitor finds the hotel Flisvos royal which is a little newer than the first while it has a swimming pool and rooms for people with mobility problems. The hotel staff is very polite and comes to make your stay even more enjoyable, while from both hotels you can enjoy the benefits of the other if you choose. The very close distance to the sea and the city of Nafplio, the view from the restaurant where we have our breakfast and the very friendly staff leave the visitor with the best memories.

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