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Macedonia Palace 

In the heart of Thessaloniki there is one of the best hotels we have visited so that your stay becomes a special experience.
At the reception we are welcomed by the staff which is distinguished by professionalism and courtesy. Seeing the space you understand that you are in a modern and new environment. Large windows, hidden lighting, soft colors, modern decorations can be found from the entrance of the hotel to the corridors, the common areas and the rooms. The double room with sea view we chose was quite spacious in all areas and can offer comfort to the most demanding. From the room one can see the Thermaic Gulf of Thessaloniki, the new beach and the white tower. Sunrise and sunset is a unique spectacle that you can enjoy on the terrace of your room or even from your bed as each room is quite bright with a large glass window. As for the food, on its ground floor and overlooking the new beach there is the Salonika restaurant and bar. There you will find a menu that can offer a very good meal in combination with the beautiful environment especially in the evening. The lighting on the table is adjusted according to your preferences and the perfect service will come only when needed, all this predisposes you to a calm and enjoyable dinner. We chose 3 dishes with chicken and pasta in different combinations, salad, wine and dessert with the cost being around 80 euros. As for the restaurant's breakfast, we can't think of anything that was missing, but on the contrary, there were many things that impressed us, for example, the whole honeycomb that dripped honey, traditional and new dishes made you not know what to choose.

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