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Grand Forrest Metsovo

Entering the Grand Forest Metsovo, the visitor understands from the first moment that it is the perfect choice for a strange and relaxing stay. Initially, entering the reception, we are welcomed by the staff, which is occupied by an excellent behavior, but it fits in the category of the hotel. After we proceed with the check in, they fully inform us about the area and the surrounding villages but also about the hotel premises. The group then asks you to follow them, continuing in the same style with a similar update leading you to your room. Arriving in the room, it shows you all the details that are hidden in the space as you will find many necessary accessories and decorations for the duration of your stay. Visiting the hotel's facilities such as the cafeteria, the pool and the restaurant, we noticed that a relaxing ambient music was heard in low tones which, depending on the view of the hotel, created a very relaxing environment and it was certainly not accidental.
The breakfast consisted mainly of traditional products of the area but also of classic flavors for a complete breakfast of a good hotel.
We singled out the pool of the hotel which is located in a space that consists of a glass and as a result you can take a bath enjoying the view of the mountain. In addition, the decoration of the hotel is quite beautiful, which consists of modern elements while at the same time it manages to incorporate some traditional touches.
Finally, it is worth noting that Grand Forest Metsovo is the perfect choice for relaxation and rest.

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