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1st day - Athens 2/09/2021

Arrival to Athens, we are going to hotel where we can relax and have some free time. Then, we could visit Plaka which is a very nice and historical area of central Athens. There, we can find many restaurants and we can taste very delicious and traditional Greek food and walk to admire the area, don’t forget to visit the roof gardens with the view of Acropolis.


2nd day - Athens 3/09/2021

After the breakfast we will visit the most important see-sights and monuments of Athens, as Acropolis, museum of Acropolis, Syntagma Square, Columns of Olympus Dios. Then we will have free time for food and strolling around for shopping in the famous Ermou Street. Return to the hotel.


3rd day – Nafplio 4/09/2021

Breakfast. Departure to the beautiful city of Nafplio in the southern Greece. First we will visit the archaeological site of Epidauros with the ancient theater and the museum. After that we will go to our hotel and we are going to have free time to the city of Nafplio and visit the Palamidi castle.


4th day – Nafplio Ydra - Spetses (cruise) 5/09/2021

After the breakfast we will go on a cruise to the beautiful islands named Ydra and Spetses, we are going to explore the islands and have free time there. After that we are going back to the hotel and we are going to have free time to the city of Nafplio again.


 5th day – Ancient Olympia 6/09/2021

Departure for the city of Ancient Olympia. Olympia was one of the most glorified temple of ancient Greece dedicated to the Greek God Zeus. Also, that was where the first Olympic Games took place (the most important celebration of Ancient Greece). We arrive to the hotel for overnight.


 6th day – Lefkada 7/09/2021

Next destination through Patra, and Rio – Antirio Bridge we are visiting the island of Lefkada. We leave our luggage to the hotel and we take a rest or go swimming. After that we will visit the city.   


 7th day – Lefkada 8/09/2021

We start our day with a cruise from Nidri port, near from our hotel. We will visit the most famous beach of Lefkada named Porto Katsiki and the island of Kefalonia and Ithaki. We will see the cave Papanikolis and the 3 private Islands once owned by Onasis family. We will end our cruise, head back to our hotel and visit the city for a night walk.


 8th day – Parga-Ioannina 9/09/2021

We start our day leaving our hotel and visiting the beautiful city of Parga which is literary like an island of the Ionian Sea, we could take the steps to visit the Venetian Castle and we will have free time to swim and eat our lunch. After Parga we are heading for the city of Ioannina (Giannena). We take a rest at our hotel and we are going to explore the city of Giannena.


 9th day Metsovo – Kalampaka (Meteora) 10/09/2021

After the breakfast we start our course for the Village Metsovo, a beautiful traditional and mountainous village famous for livestock products. We can see the Averof gallery, walk to the traditional alleys and taste their products (feta cheese, wine, and meat). We continue to the city of Kalampaka  and our hotel to take a rest. At the afternoon we could make an extra visit to the city of Trikala.


 10th day – Meteora- Aridea (Pozar Baths) 11/09/2021

We start our day by visiting the monasteries of Meteora, which are built in top of rocks that create a unique phenomenon all around the world. After that we will leave for the city of Aridea but first we are going to stop to the city of Edessa to admire the waterfalls. Then we will visit the city of Aridaia for lunch and accommodation.


 11th day Aridea 12/09/2021 

After the breakfast we will visit the hot springs of Loutra Pozar to swim. We will visit a local winery and then the traditional Orma village for lunch. Free time.

 12tH day Thessaloniki 13/09/2021

Departure after the breakfast to the city of Vergina to see the museum of the Macedonian civilization after that we are going to the city of Thessaloniki, the co-capital of Greece.  We will get to know the city and the see sights (White Tower, Rotonta). Free time to the center of the city.


 13th day Thessaloniki 14/09/2021

Daily trip to the beautiful beaches in Chalkidiki we are going to enjoy the restaurants and the sea. Free time to the city of Thessaloniki.

14th day – Departure from Thessaloniki  15/09/2021


Price Includes:

  • 13 overnights to 4 & 5 * hotels (with breakfast on buffet)

  • Cruise Tickets 1) Ydra-Spetses 2) Lefkada

  • Museum Tickets & Tour Guides 1)Acropolis 2)Museum of Acropolis 3)Ancient Olympia 4)Epidaurus Ancient Theater 5)Palamidi Castle 6)Vergina Museum

  • 7 Meals (2 on restaurants)

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